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Step on the benefits of cobblestone   Date:2011-9-2  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:3353 times
To play the role of cobblestone foot reflexology, foot to man the root is the human essence of the gas collection centers; also known as the body's "second heart." But the foot farthest away from the heart, but also the lowest position in the human body, is relatively poor peripheral blood circulation, blood easy to stay the site. Therefore, in routine health care, and keep feet smooth flow of blood circulation to ensure that the normal body's blood supply is very important, while the foot massage is one of the best feet of unimpeded blood circulation method. In addition, the foot massage also has solid roots to support gas, and clear the meridians, physical illnesses and to regulate the autonomic nervous system function. To exert pressure through the foot surface, but also start the body's regulatory function, the potential to stimulate cells in different organs, enhance immunity. Proven through a large number of clinical practice, foot massage therapy neurasthenia, insomnia, gastrointestinal disease, low back pain, diabetes, bronchitis, Alzheimer's, heart disease; prevention of cancer, and others have a good effect, while the daily barefoot burst cobblestone no pain, no side effects, is a rare natural therapies.
As the saying goes, "your feet, such as roots, foot rule governing body." Friction feet using pebble to stimulate nerve endings in the skin receptors, through the central nervous system play a role in regulating internal organs, to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, prevention and treatment of The purpose of the disease.

Foot foot cobblestone right I, II Phase useful in hypertensive patients, the patient can be barefoot in the uneven cobblestone paths Diego or running small step can also be fitted with a small bag and a half bags of pebbles, flat on the floor barefoot back and forth in the above kept stampede. Or, pick-off pebbles, fixed at 0.5 square meters of wet cement on the cement board made of cobblestone, barefoot in the above rhythmically stampede. The timing of stepping pebbles carried out in the morning and evening, each more than 15 minutes, treading the need to prevent falls when, days when cool to prevent the common cold.

It is worth mentioning, with pebbles Moldova feet, at the beginning will be hard soles of his feet slightly to produce a mild pain, so to have a certain degree of tolerance, and insisted on not rash, and with perseverance. A long time can be effective in prevention and treatment of hypertension.
Person's plantar fascia has a group of tough to maintain between the heel and the metatarsal, forming arch. Trend with age old, plantar fascia at the end of aging are also crisp jump in the violent run or climb a lasting force like feet when it will be easily snapped or torn, resulting in the end of plantar fascia injury, manifested as foot pain often mistaken as a "bone spurs" result. This pain is sudden, usually only a part of the fascia injury, as long as the resting plus dressing, 10 days and a half months can be recovered.

Cobblestone tread through direct way to stimulate the foot points of fitness. However, France has to adapt to the scope of any health restrictions and taboos. Cobblestone foot is no exception, fitness operators who encounter the following situation in order to temporarily stop foot of properly. First, there are quick-fix sprains, trauma, swelling of the time; second, rheumatism catch cold and flu fever; third of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, liver and kidney dysfunction and other chronic deterioration; four and drink, and Meniere's disease, Parkinson's disease, dizziness when imbalance; 5 the weather suddenly changes, and when the ground frost. Grasp the sense of propriety, while avoiding disadvantages, cobblestone fitness will tread safe and effective.
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