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Origin of stone   Date:2011-9-11  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:9016 times
Among the four ornamental stones, one of the stone came from Nanjing and its surrounding areas Yuhuatai gravel layer, with its colorful, jade quality days chapter, small and exquisite, texture wonderful, all-encompassing, poetic known to the world known, known as "heaven-sent National Treasure, "" Stone in the Queen. " Since ancient times, very popular and the collection, its culture and history can be described as long.
Though time has passed more and more clearly shows traces of stone before the people of
Dating back 300 million years ago, a strong uplift of the Himalayas, the Yangtze River and further uplift of the western, from Tanggula Geladandong Setsurei glaciers due to sunlight, weathering, the role of water formed by melting of ice melt water from the trickle, 1000 Stream 100 Stream and eventually merged into the roaring waves, out of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, cut Wushan cliffs, so that what the ancient Yangtze River interconnected. Since then, the Yangtze River is like a Yinlong, roaring and rolling and beat the cliffs, the impact of the rugged rocks, after 6300 kilometers, all the way to the East China Sea Ben Lai. In this process, was mixed Nishajuxia to a flat area downstream of Nanjing section, we gradually silting down to form Yuhuatai gravel, stone is one member. However, in the long history, the stone had not called the current name. If Luhe stone, colored stones, aragonite, Qi Shi, Kam stone, agate stone, river gravel, Yuhuatai stone, soul rock, stone spiral son, and now the main origin Luhe, Yizheng area is still known as the living stone (agate generally refers to a qualitative stone. for the narrative of it, hereafter collectively referred to stone). With regard to the causes of stone, stone in the academic and research fields of nebulae that emit said, meteorites, said that far from the source, near the source, said near and far, said sources with deposit and so on, I think the latter is more a statement of the evidence-and the remaining doubts about the wait for verification.
Primitive stone into the human living area
Stone in this piece of ancient land quietly asleep for a few millions of years, what at what time into the man's vision, into people's lives it? Can be called eternal mystery. Now, according to archaeological discoveries can be traced back to the five years since, Liu Qiannian before the Neolithic period. From 1955 to 1958 on four occasions to the city center, Nanjing Museum, Drum Tower District, North of yin and yang business to conduct archaeological excavations of cultural sites, in a large number of cultural relics unearthed, archaeologists also included in the deceased from the original mouth, jar stone was found in 76. At that time the cultural characteristics, social patterns, burial system of textual research also found that, when the "process is relatively well-developed system of Jade", "rich in jade and agate ornaments", stone is not only people's favorite Autumn goods, decorations, but also as a wealth of symbol and "may have the intention of the original faith." With regard to the historical origins of cultural stone, as time goes on, archaeologists may have a more gratifying results.
The Spring and Autumn stone Beishou appreciated royal palace
Stone cultural development history and the history of China's Shang Dan, Jade history are inextricably linked. The nature of the existing stone gem (such as proteins, agate, crystal, chalcedony), have high ornamental value, "jade and agate can not do, so your feet are." (That "the spiritual rock that" words) Spring and Autumn Dynasty, a famous thinker, educator and founder of Confucianism Confucius book "Book of History. Yugong "record:" Yangzhou Gong Yao-kun. " Yao-Kun who Siyu the beauty of stone, agate is also. The true state of the jurisdiction of Yangzhou (Yizheng today) but rich agate is a stone, one of the main origin. On Tangxiang placer and today is still prolific agate, moist texture, particularly delicate for the community were recognized. Luhe, Yizheng placer two large spread, the only pond on the reputation the loudest. Therefore, as early as the Spring and Autumn here, when Bian Qiang's "Yao Kun" tribute to the palace to become high-brow types of desk or in the Qing imperial concubines for decorative embellishment thing Naishi's inner and reasonable matter. Good one, "Yangzhou Gong Yao-kun," Cource just enough to be a love stone, researchers excited.
Southern Liang a beautiful legend
Asked about the origins of stone, often hear this story: Southern Liangdi Emperor, the man named cloud of light monk in the stones Kong (now Yuhuatai) located altar preaching argument touched God, whom Yuhua, fall to the ground would become colorful magic stone, and their descendants will be preaching at it will be called Yuhuatai. There are many scattered historical data in the poems, said: stone for the Nu Wa replenish the skies of the left stone. Such as "treasure to support springs, and sometimes days to fill." (Kong Shangren Wing "Kuni stones") "days also take things, and materials are inadequate, it is Xi Nu Wa's refining colored stones to supplement their Que." (Warring States "Lie Zi"), is also colored stone stone also, if that is the legacy of stone then replenish the skies? In fact, these are things that people imagine a better, less than the far. It is clear that the causes of stone is a scientific and historical stone is more distant than the cloud-ray view. Yun-kwong statement is a combination of stone from the Buddhist era in which the prevalence of social background. Now times had changed, when "Southern Dynasties 480 Temple, the number of tower Rain in China" (Tang. Du Mu "Jiangnan Spring"), has long been the scene of the smoke by the annihilation of history, while the cloud optical saying that the myths and legends associated with the continuation of the activities of stone during Mid-Autumn , are still being talked about people.
Song Southern Song "for the rocks", "Yunlin rock spectrum" and writing a new chapter in
Following the Southern Liang Dynasty "cloud-ray saying" In the future, the history of cultural development of stone clues to gradually clear up. The mid-Northern Song Dynasty, in the back seat Jiangning (now Nanjing) political reformer Wang An-shih's "Complete Works of Wang Wen-chung Kung", the emergence of a "Yuhuatai" as the theme of poetry. The Northern Song Dynasty, History of the Ministry of assistant minister Lu Xiang Yuhuatai formally named, all have a history of stone cultural development research provides vital information and in accordance with. While the later Shang Shi direct and profound impact is none other than the non-Sushi. He relegate Kotzian (now Hubei Yellow City) served on the river are often "too beautiful stone, and jade not identified, multi-red, yellow, white, and his writing, such as people pointed out the snail, smart cute ... ... ... only a long time, too 298, and the larger and-inch, small ones, such as jujube Li Ling qian ... ... pour water column of the beaming, "accordingly as" rocks for, "" After the rocks for the "right of the collection of stone from the qualitative , color, shape, as well as displays, a lively appreciation for a very detailed description. The Mid-Autumn stone of this research is still an important reference for. Its Huiyanshizhu know how to discover the aesthetic consciousness of even more humbled and privileged to stone circles. As the stone collectors, Mr. Zhang Lunyuan the comment: "Sugong a Lu-Si soil, enticed the unique eyes, knowledge pull stones at Tsuneo Suzi hand, does that mean addiction stones were advanced peace. However, although the habit Sugong which proceeds then the non-spiritual rock. " However, Qian Shi clan is homologous with the stone thing, if, regardless of their origin and called for the Mid-Autumn stone of Su Shi's ancestor when a well-deserved. No wonder Zhen-Ming Feng Mengling stone products and reward when they issued a "long from the public at the Jiuquan Hen Buneng, with products Umbilicaria" and reflections, more admired by the Qing Dynasty, Song Luo east slope of the western slope of the self-ID, and foot and yellow Seeking stones in the state as "rocks praise" means.
Sheng Song Autumn stone only, but also because of the repair Yuhuatai the name had become the South to establish boarding resort with the rules. It was a time when leisure travel Yuhuatai Probe into not only Xun Gu, a send feelings; Fangui nature, in relation to river collecting folk songs, enjoy the rustic charm Kawadani; also seek treasure stones found their own entertainment. In addition to poetry, when literati do Wenqing rendering of sensationalism Yuhuatai objectively increase the visibility of activities, driven Autumn stone depth. Thus, the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing years "after Dongpo No When will" (Zhang wheel well words) Du bind up the on the "Yunlin stone spectrum," and similar involved Liuhe as much as eight kinds of stone, which established a stone in the ornamental stones in the historical status of the course ought to have emerged is a stone in the history of our country a great blessing. As the "Wan Shi Zhai Lingyan Marble spectrum," says: "If DU Ji-yang (that is, Du string together) who called the spiritual rock of addiction the first person who can complain. But those spiritual rock, rock the stuff also. Beginning in the Song Dynasty the known to the world ... ... hereby case of quarter-yang, as for me, Shi Qing carry on. "
Song prisoners yuan to achievement, "Jiang pebbles in mind"
AD 1260, King set for the first year of the Southern Song Dynasty, but also the first year of the Yuan Dynasty in the Commission. The former, though still far southern corner, but the hopeless situation, precarious, insignificant carry on; while the latter only Sheng, the World Suden pole, want to sue over the world, laid-off Hanlin envoy to the Southern Song Dynasty by Shi Jiang Hao degree, but the prisoners were detained in the true state (now Yizheng city) up to fifteen years. So addicted to the insight and the stone was thus worked as a "river gravel in mind." This nearly made a few in mind, is a detailed narrative of the monograph stone. Outlined in later generations of quality, color, shape, patterns began to take shape in this already. It is interesting that, due to the author's background in particular, it is inevitable clip clip recorded discussion. At the beginning of words and "In the instrument with the mountains and prices are really isolated," the article back to the stone by the speculation of the formation and evolution of the universe is illusion, things change, but to the utter helplessness of their aspirations blighted. So now only the stone, "Regardless of Ji Xin-quan do as one pleases as a splash alley, sit Moroyama them as stones of it." Throughout the history of the stone and personnel, such as the Hao by the person is possibly the only, right?
Jin-Yuan era, although there are no more hand over a hundred years of historical data reflect the situation in the history of stone, but the "river gravel in mind" can be called a classic of this period, but also cute enough to explain the stone even in bad times and the Hao The City ", such as by-catch outside Keebler, wash them with springs, smoked them with Shen smoke inside the home of the plate Meng and get on the moon, under" (Hao Jing "river gravel in mind," the phrase) with the original human both and treat them treasure is here to stay unknown sleeping for centuries.
Ming Wan years of cultural development in the history of stone wave appears for the first time
The history of the tunnel along the stone before the line, the history of stone cultural development context has become even more clear, and vividly displayed in people's eyes. Ming Dynasty Wanli, the Mid-Autumn stone presents unprecedented wave of activity. First, the Mid-Autumn doubled the number of people. Nanjing ancestors once made of early stone as a symbol of wealth, to the Ming Dynasty, literati poet, and scholar-officials who were invited worthies of the legacy, often with the "official set the old pottery bowl springs a" display of stone, as a desk clear evidence, in order to Fuga in appreciation and eat it, and the rush to emulate, has become common practice, sometimes a lot of collectors have emerged. Such as "Su-Yuan Shi spectrum" by Lin Yu-lun, living in Jinling's new Anbie Jia Cheng Ke-quan, "drunk rock vegetarian in mind," by Feng Mengling Chen, Luk Hop magistrate meters 10000 Clock, "son of stone in mind Yeongam" author Ginger 2 Unitary and "collected from the inside when in possession of Shi Zhu home. " (Sun Mi, "Spirit Rock said," set) and even spread to "new capital" (now Beijing), evident in this wind of enthusiasm, play by the public also.
2, Mid-Autumn events activated stone collection and marketing. "Drunken Shi Zhai mind," goes like this: for "Kuni mountain never produced surprising actually that money to buy people's hearts softened the", and the people's hearts softened Japanese public, so that tends to strong demand, the original "off and pick up the shepherd boy, playing the United States and Russia dumping , Inula abandoned throw "(ginger 2 unitary" Lingyan sub-stone in mind "), the phenomenon has ceased to exist, replaced by the" Wu Jian next to the knot in a straw shed with City Food & Wine "," poor day running around with self-sufficiency, "Rural China and the Netherlands to the shovel, "chop hill ax gully, the initial waiting rain, washed discuss current search", "1:00 influx of ants gather," is indicative of-sheng. In order to get more and better stones, or treated by the race to buy, the price has also risen, the original "out of l Xu exchange for pastry to" recession scenario has become the old imperial calendar. Luhe county magistrate m 10000 bell on the "hanging from the high price is useless 10 Mera's." In the South are all (that is, Nanjing), Confucius Temple prunifolia crossing, the stone city of Yuhuatai very active. There are more than jade stone elevation Quotes, there are hoarding is up for grabs, but by different. "Cun Xu stones, asking price for each a two-Xu," an alarming rate. As described by Sun Mi: "Well, a remarkable stones are also sometimes covertly."
Third, the Mid-Autumn stone activities rich in content and frequent exchanges, appreciation has greatly improved. 1, display of utensils and methods to great lengths. Is either antique or is a kiln products, the size of how many times placed in different containers. 2, life with elegant names. Combined with traditional culture, from the Code, by looking for poetry and literature in the Qing Ci Korea sentence, seeking names for its money "stone." 3, invite friends Gong Shang. Families with treasures for in the case of a few, clean-room lit incense, and invite friends along with tasting, or title, or write poetry, and as a pleasure. "Spirit Rock said," upload, Bie Jia Cheng Ke-wide as "a stone slave to sing in order to see the customer name for itself," No. Unfortunately, many vulgar, obscure and sometimes also a joke. 4, appreciation of the level continues to increase. As the exchanges increased gradually became a consensus into theory, guidance during Mid-Autumn. Sun Mi Bianjiang stone is divided into three classes, ranging from A for the storage of the clear spring, start with eye-catching, "this Kamijina also"; B must be into the water as if to help its posture, but only "Cucu least squares"; "must be false grind Zhuo, and its acquired Ying Che "is unable" to A and B theory of it. " Sun's standard brief and clear, this is no different. 5, when the public voice of the mind, the emotions of leaving more historical data. Shang Shi activities to flourish, enduring, is bound to rise as a cultural form, through various forms of expression. Than the former dynasty, in order to stone the author, vertical spectrum, drawing, for bear in mind that Yinshizuofu are too numerous to mention. If that "unification Zhi. Nanjing "contains:" Yuhuatai stone, jubaoshan out ";" Wu 4 learned one, "Wen Zheng-ming, one of the poem," the stage and Yuhua Yuhua dry, Noishiki Clifford seated rooms "; Lu Jun-pil" Summer Zhuxian Chang Yamahito to gresik See Yi "; Ye Yu," Rock bead concept of soul, six away "; Zhou Hui," Jin-Ling Suo Ji "contains:" Meng was done between the three rocks in jubaoshan ... ... Wang Meng Huang Shan-chiu-ming of the map, Song procurator again To make Shi Ming "; Li's" Compendium of Materia Medica "contains:" Jinling Yuhuatai pony brain, only to play rechargeable ear "; Chen Mei Kung," Bun words "contains:" five-colored stones out of Kuni mountain stream in the agate stones ... ... in the negative those of the minority, but the wind only be found in Wanli Sino-Japanese War. " Chen Hui Chen's "Autumn Garden Miscellaneous wear," and so set out exactly.
Qing Shi things, none of that culture, the history of stone in the constant extension of
Shang Shi activities during this period, according to the author's humble opinion, be summed up as promoting the development of our predecessors on the basis of a smooth transition into the normal phase. Left for future generations are all marked with many historical imprint of this history.
First, the "naming", "stone" debut. Fully introduced at different times stone had a different title. Seen in the historical first-name basis who was undoubtedly the late Ming and early Qing Xu Rong's "stone" Poem: "rain, under the emperor Zhu-xiang Taiwan, Tatung preaching to the Son of Heaven. Still remain sub-Linjiang living stone, like the room to spend the Japanese open "and the family of Zhang Dai Cang Shi's" stone-ming ":" Tai Fu stone collection, from Zu-YU, and I arrived at 13 plot III, grotesque, unbelievable, for the rocks, will be not the same "as the first.
Second, the court officials, "Peach Blossom Fan" by Kong Shangren "Kuni stones" Poetry, where 32 Cource 16 rhymes, and the formation of stone, source, status, appreciation was a rich imagination, analysis and description, fine fine but can be called the "mind", and love Sri Lanka that the stone should not miss.
3, the Qing Dynasty first rock spectrum. Author Zhu Jiuding both officials are also addicted to rock writers, and made many parts of SHI You, off the northwest across the South East and other places. Wherever he went, look for stone seek treasure it this way, in order to have always focussed on Li Zhi is also an attraction in itself. The course of time considerable period of time, multiple pet experience, gradually making rock spectrum, and Ming, it is easily realized. As for writing a well-known poet Huang Ba Sin Sang-yun: "Young Hermitage (Zhu Jiuding word) for persons and above-board with bone, Gu no other hobbies, Journey, breaking countless bag, but reservoir rocks outside the company of books, each a rest while the Mosuo get out to play, that enjoyable, no more than this. " Zhu Jiuding's "Stone spectrum", remember there are more than 20 pieces of Cang Shi, mainly the Yangtze River Basin stone category of colored stones, individual from Northwest and other places, most of them marked with size, a description of its characteristics and to assign praise of, but also for The later generations to follow.
4, with the total death, but also Gong Xian. Among the Qing painting, "Jinling 8" the first stone of Gong Xian good depth of cut stone from his love of poetry can be seen in: "Encounter hard stone would also be conducted prayer, hard stone inadvertently wins clever people, guests down a decade soul bile , and returned with the stone as some neighbors. " In fact, he returned far more than neighbors, till, "go back" is also accompanied with the stone of. Gong Xian passed away, his friend Kong Shangren funeral pro-reason, its possession of stone, "they were all top grade ... ... ... all that funeral, Oblivion did not pass." Alas! Can be said before to those after the ancients.
5, "Xindu scenery record. Stone ", rated as the development of stone to the end of the Qing cultural history of the most comprehensive summary. I think that they have content rich in detailed described, the fine style of writing, concise language, are rude worthies, repeated Yin reading, is tantamount to appreciate the US-shih. By Hasuo account in the text of three things are particularly refreshing. First, a clear Yuhuatai market presence. Previously only "son of stone in mind Lingyan" contains "I assumed every tooth and Yuhua, peach leaf, the superior who will discuss his ... ...", "Yuhua" who should be Yuhuatai, but then what kind of market does ? Seasonal? Liquidity? Primitive? 1 2? San Wushi home? Difficult to know-in detail. However, this time in the "Gang Yuhuatai pebbles among the waist, there are built thatched cottage home, selling out the door a few stones were" sufficient to prove that to come to tourism, quarrying, stone people to buy a certain number, it is worth this "building thatched cottage home "to facilitate the procurement and is profitable.
Second, for the first time explicitly mentioned in the civilian population of the generation are also those who love rock Cang Shi. Ming Wan took a "sell to the poor to adopt self-sufficiency," "the poor with disabilities Hsien-chen, fear of misuse thick straight", and now have "Jiangningzhizao Sheng Zang Li Yamen tea service with one stone, is not easily seen by others. Day chase for the debt being captured, a in the last resort, is tearful afford to spare the sake of Yan. " A runners who love rock and to the "recovery of silver 32", one can imagine the atmosphere of the time during Mid-Autumn and pairs of thick stone ornamental value, collection value and recognition of the market price level.
Third, for the first time detailed and timely one fake reference approach, subject matter, selling skills and Shang Dangzhe clueless about the state, is extremely vivid vivid. There is a snowball effect, drawing travel south during the late Qing heard that magic stone, they buy big, 1:00 stone traders listed out in full release, the threshold is almost worn out. Derived from stone, the more "odd" who have stemmed vine leaves wrapped around the "generations", with light yellow color of your goods, "Antarctic Keiju", the body in the first limb claws are all prepared, "oasis snow mastiff." And an "A Quiet Spring Secret Play" erotic maps were bought with the price of 40 yuan. But unfortunately the above "takes pseudo-creation of it." Today all of the fake reverse, only the profit-driven mentality of the same ancient and modern.
6, a "Story of the Stone," said Yuhua modern people compete. As we all know, "Story of the Stone" (that is, "Dream of Red Mansions"), the hero Jia Baoyu, "a child off his mouth will be with a colorful crystal jade come." (A garrison cost of the second time), people today think that this is called "psychic Baoyu" is the stone. Reasons one, quality, color, shape and pattern is similar. "Story of the Stone," Juanba Cloud: This jade "as big as bird eggs, illuminating as heavenly Mingxia, Eijun such as cakes, and five-color pattern wrapped around care" in the book description of exactly the same stone. Song Du string together as "Yunlin rock spectrum" contains: "Jiangning House has river gravel, that's Hatori, where there are colored cocoon-ying ... ... texture, followed by Wang's transparent, moist gratifying." The ancient times, Nanjing, with the above-mentioned characteristics of the stone with stone but is similar to nothing else. Two reasons, the author Cao Xueqin his childhood living in Nanjing, to 13-year-old did not leave, have since been painted stone love stone stone Wing. Grandparents also very good stone. So, Cao three generations living in Nanjing, as long as sixty four years, even their home in charge of the Jiangningzhizao House runners love stone Cangshi, aristocrats and scholars from the upper class needless to say, while the generation of great masters in literature is not possible turn a blind eye and deaf ear to know nothing about, and in the works, health fabricate a "psychic Baoyu" come. Three reasons for this jade background Description and Classical poetry and literature is very similar to the description of stone. Liu Geng Yao, "stone" a poem that goes: "heard for the Law of Public Health, Wa Emperor replenish the skies is what years", "Story of the Stone," a poem that goes: "No order to fill the heavens, in vain into the Red Dust, if Xu years." Ming. Hua Cheng Kang, "Yong Lingyan stones," says: "Do not you see Nu Wa replenish the skies for several thousand years, still retained a hint Shi Cun hills left behind", "Story of the Stone," a poem that goes: "just because, after psychic training, they would trouble the non-human", indeed echoed. Today, Xiyuan Jiangningzhizao House Ruins - Cao Xueqin lived the early years where archaeological excavations out of Yellowstone, lake stone, tiles, roof tiles inscribed with such remains, I hope one day can be a "psychic Baoyu" living prototype - stone to the but "red fan", "Stone fans" section of their suspense.
7, under the Qianlong Emperor south, and write poetry History of Cangshi stay. As the saying goes: Amy's heart, in everyone, the emperor has no exceptions. In the ancient city of Nanjing, the private sector have such a legend: 60 birthday when the first Ming Zhu Yuan, Chong Sun Yun-Zhong Zhu fire stone makes up the text in the plate using "years of life," the four characters, along with a stone resembles a peach, as a birthday gift of clean breast, Wong pro-Guo Qi, Wenwubaiguan are all amazed by it, so that Longyan Dayue. Yun-Zhong Zhu Wen became the emperor after the fire on the stone is still a soft spot, a desk inside the palace, when there is stone to give evidence. If this is "unofficial," then Cang Shi Qing Gaozong write poetry, but true. Emperor Qianlong reign of sixty-had six trip to the south, Nanjing is a must-land. With the theme of the poem Yuhuatai there are five, such as "Yuhuatai slogans" or "show title Yuhuatai" and so on; in Mo-Lake stone engraved with the landscape he was "hard stone morphology of Mo laugh ugly, Wa Huang has used the Hole-Patching credit" verse. In June 1992, in the Chinese Revolutionary Museum at the "Chinese Ornamental Stones Exhibition" exhibits, there is the National Palace Museum in Beijing Qianlong Emperor during Mid-Autumn off four stone. In which a dragon is the first complete, superb, surprising, and for the "true sons of the dragon," the Tibetan, gives the impression of still deeper.
Collection of contemporary research fruits Sanjie hard times
First half of the twentieth century, the Chinese nation and serious calamities, intrusive powers, warlords, the war year after year, social unrest, but there are still so many people are sentimentally attached to the Jinling this piece of ancient land, deeply in love with a beautiful stone, both to prove stone with endless charm, but also shows how much people are loving life, yearning for peace. North-South Xu Zhang, Tianjin, Wang is an outstanding representative of them.
South Xu Nazawa early, alias asked Stone (1897 ~ 1980), early in the Jinling office, in his later years-resident Shanghai. Life Chiai stone to fine up to sixty years of effort to collect as many as 600, it is not easy. Literary predecessors, Zheng Yi Mei worked to write the "possession of rocks, Hsu asked Stone." In Shanghai with the stone collectors Mr. Xia Feng had to write "the audience Yuhua stone", describes the invitation promised, in person Hsu house Shangshi on you, passes on to mouth with approbation. His "In Search of stone have to have three conditions: elk, like good running legs and stroll through the busy streets of the effort, than the Jewish share of patience," and the "four letters Tip: Color Yue Yue Yue Wen Yue Yi-shaped," the experience of the times praised by the stone circles.
Tianjin, Hebei, Wang that stone collection you ape Wang, Yong Yang Prisoners (1876 ~ 1948), the World said the ape Weng. Tianjin, as the main living and working places. "Decades of debauchery at the Yuhua" and write on the "stone the child in mind," stone of science put forward the view formed by the Yangtze River, and on the stone's quality, shape, color, pattern, naming or treated, grade, trading etc. a comprehensive exposition refreshing to read benefited from.
Mr. Gorilla is the North Renshi prisoners but the stone fell in love with the South can also be said to be a blessing, but they are Tiangeyifang, can persist for decades do not change their mind, even in the Japanese killing our fellow after Nanking 300,000 in 1939, still did not forget one time in Nanjing, the Trustee of its quarry, buy stone, post rock, particularly frustrating about endless!
Ferry Road, North Zhang Yue-lu Yuan (1899 ~ 1986), and Wang ape fellow prisoners, and Zheng Yi Mei contacts wholeheartedly. Tianjin Nankai High School with fellow Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai teacher Mr. Zhang Haoru's proud of the students. Juvenile prisoners in his home town due to the influence of Mr. ape, generated great interest on the stone, walked after the University of Nanking, but unfortunately due to inability to adapt to change to switch the Department of North-magic law. However, devotedly attached to the stone, though living in the north Yan, Guan mountains resistance, is still using a variety of opportunities, life-long stopped working, keep more than 3000 pieces of stone, and are committed to Cang Shi Li spectrum.
In 1979, in order to make their own life-long collection of stone treasures carefully, enough for more people to study, appreciate, and better able to survive, he resolutely part with an inclination of trunk donated to the Ministry of Geology Beijing Geological Museum, which the open-minded , Integrity of the noble, it is admired. Mr. Zhang Lunyuan has essays in conjunction phrase "has been pro-Yu Wan volume book, luck with the hard stone of future generations," write Mr. Happe care Wujun hanging room can be described as a portrayal of his life.
In 1948, Mr. Zhang Lunyuan book "Wan Shi Zhai Lingyan Marble spectrum," come out for the twenty-first century, a great blessing stone circles, Kanchendiyi systematic study of the theory of stone monograph filled Appreciation to study the blank stone. This spectrum sets the history of cultural development, the culmination of stone, where the value involved in the content of their predecessors without a miss, in order to later give a great convenience. The people than ever before, more rapid progress. The Spectrum's alone in the various stones, "Heart ġ Head Review", based on the arguments to make in accordance with the scientific method, reference philosophy, aesthetic, psychological, physical, minerals, and archaeological various trade-offs at home, says that the final stone of the open-Science Systems Research first of its kind. Reprinted in 1982 by the Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House, Shanghai Science and Technology Education Press, 1993 Series into the "antiques and cultural books. Said Stone ", you can imagine the breadth of this spectrum spread, affecting great. Almost everyone has this Shicheng a stone enthusiasts, those who study utilizing a minority.
In the period due to a number of social reasons, stone resources are extremely scarce. When the Japanese occupied, stone city, depression is often "only a sale of the stone," and "Incident ago, the city of Nanking trafficking dozens of the stone." For the Mid-Autumn stone, researchers, this era is unfortunate. However, the pursuit of the good things people can not curb the. They brave the dangers in upstream, in the history of the chain welded this stone, click on a bright spark has made an unprecedented research results gratifying. Carefully read their writings, just as sharing of the history of this heavy heart, overflowing gratitude, but also proud. Cultural development, history is full of stone magic, delight, elegant, praise, then why should not Qi Feng, Ku Yu, muddy, full of sorrow and grief, and look forward to it?
Carried forward into a new era in the history of stone
After the founding of New China, stone during Mid-Autumn activities have entered a new historical period, setting off a stone in the history of the second wave. First, the growing ranks of stone during Mid-Autumn, the overall quality of the greatly improved. As people's material and cultural living standards rising, blessed people in Nanjing both "revolutionary spirit" of the symbol, but also full of beauty is cherished stone for me. Since the fifties to the reform and opening up, stone lovers, collectors growing number of workers and peasants, soldiers Business trekking and recent as well as fans are also a lot of people outside the country. South Korean friends studying in Nanjing Zhang Ning three years, returning when the luggage up to, is the heaviest stone. Mr. Qiu Xinming friends in Taiwan to Nanjing, was soon in love with stone, as the year Su, "a Lu-Si soil" and the case of Qian Shi tzu. Ten years of investment no less than one million, a blending alone, four are stone, just like a treasure, ironclad enforcement, "Stone" has come to their senses.
According to the author of subjective estimates, often in the "circle" in the walk, the stone will be friends, collection quality, quantity up to a certain scale can also be called "home" when there are hundreds of those who, when tens of thousands of fans. General lovers are countless. Among the many enthusiasts, collectors, books, writing, Acura, researchers everywhere, highlighting those who have Liu Shui book "stone appreciation," Chi Cheng of "spectra stone" and so on, have a lot of new ideas, open-book reading Wu and benefit from the increase. Combined with radio, film, television, Internet, camera technology has greatly facilitated the spread of stone culture and development.
Second, a large quantity of high quality high grade stone. Especially in the eighties, China's economic development on the fast lane, construction sand and gravel demand, combined with electrical, mechanical use of digging in the sand stone while its by-products are also continuously pumped out of the stone, so that fans , collectors were inspired by both the Qing more than a stone, but also hate the little silver, the pursuit of never-ending. If entered their home, the pots and pans, a small wardrobe cabinets, the eye is the reach of every stone, even if the wall, is also a stone plaque in the magnified image or whether there is a famous painting and made its Cangdan Danqing calligraphy. If the collection on display together, is a typical private Tibet Museum, a palace full of poetic art.
Third, urban and rural areas throughout the stone market. Ming. Ginger 2 unitary "Lingyan sub-stone in mind," says: "Lingyan sub-stone ... ... out of Kuni mountain stream Lingyan, rather gather at Jinling"; the twentieth century, 6 the seventies, or the middle of the night Liuhe villagers across the river to Nanjing Jade Factory queue sell stone. After the completion of the Yangtze River Bridge could be due to the gradual convenient transportation, market demand has risen, the player desires to enhance, not wait for Ishino into the city, have to Luhe, Yizheng origin, procurement seek treasure. As Ming Wan calendar year "an overwhelming ants gather," the grand occasion. In the countryside, often one that is a factory, a shop. In the cities, where visitors foot and the Department, there are stone sale price from one dollar one to hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands. How many people engaged in the collection of stone, business is incalculable. Stone with her beautiful, with the blessing of the ancient city, into the thousands of households across five continents seas.
Fourth, the formation of industry, there are different forms of organization in nature. First appeared in the countryside is a collective placer, the individual polishing workshops; in cities and towns have the collective nature of Kuni stone craft factory. Now manufacturers, the company a lot, but more than 90% are private in nature. Nanjing in 1984 to establish the nature of the stone Societies Association; in 1989 in Nanjing, Nanjing Yuhuatai stone built museum in 2000 by Liu Shui, DING Feng-Long initiated the establishment of the Nanjing Institute of stone culture, under the two Yuhua Qi Stone Gallery; in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Taiwan, Guangdong and other places there are a large number of private Tibet Museum. stone cultural and economic marriage, and "external" linkage to bear fruitful results. Since the beginning in 1999, Nanjing annual session of stone culture and art festival, not only promote local economic development, the dissemination of stone culture, but also as Nanking "image ambassador", stone has been towards the country, renowned the world, raises Nanjing, known to promote international exchanges in Nanjing, Nanjing's modernization, historical and cultural city has contributed to the building.
Long history of cultural development in the history of stone, no end in sight, where the stone people who love, love this piece of land and its people will be one after another, do not live up to the worthies, worthy of future generations, persist in promoting the culture of stone, so stone pearl shines forever in the ancient city dazzling light.
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