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Features stone   Date:2011-9-11  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:5826 times
Stone generally refers to Chi Fu at 10 cm below to watch the value of the pebbles, the main varieties are agate - agate oval particles, also known as "Rain

Flower agate. "Treasures in China, a large number of jade, the stone is a rare treasure. Compared with the other jade, stone has the following characteristics:

First, is the stone Tiancheng Huanchu, with days of fun in a unique beauty.

Without any artificial stone carving, your natural. In the high hill, a native rock, pregnancy his mouth, their different colors, patterns

Li, texture, through the water, sand Amoy, wind erosion, waves to destroy, like a round of non-circular carved into works of art, nature and composition of the metamorphosis of gods make a big world

, Non-worldly people within its capacity. Especially the stone's innate intelligence, with a transparent, translucent, opaque texture, triple-staggered, with chromatography by

Some colors, like a painter with a pen point, line, surface normal Xuanhuan lines. These three "with" mutual rendering of mutual penetration, so that stone was

Emerged in the rich artistic charm, its great aesthetic appeal second to none works of art. One artist said that, it was shaped by nature's intricate to

Let the artist's artistic skill of the stone shows that will never be clever inventions can not be seized. Contemporary writers praised Mr. Ai Xuan stone is "the art of natural

, Art natural. "

Second, is the stone with colorful patterns, like the art contains the poetic realm.

Common gems no natural images, do not form a realm of art. The stone is extremely rich in color and texture, its colorful, complex patterns can be clever all day long

Everything on the earth image, will go all the infinite beauty of the world in which pregnancy. From landscapes to flowers and birds, from the characters to the Lunar New Year, from the practical to the myth,

None can not find a block of stone into the tiny traces. Therefore, it was praise stone "no sign no package, no King and not to show, colorless, not significant, no

Object does not exist. "

Third, is the stone is available for a variety of scientific carrier.

Stone formation and geology, mineral resources, paleontology and other relevant and enjoy the stone again and aesthetics, literature, philosophy, history, painting, sculpture there

Closely linked. Therefore, preferably a mixed Shangshi were home, the more broad knowledge, Lenovo richer, the more this in stone, "phantom book from heaven" in

Knowledge out of its natural state.

Fourth, is the development of stone with multidimensionality.

Stone can be divided into two major categories of fine and regular product. Boutique refers to spiritual goods, fine works of art, strange products, and must products, is Cangdan dream home a gem. It is precisely because

In the existence of these rare and fine stone, which only attracted worldwide attention. Chang also has texture, crystal products, colorful, texture characteristics of fantasy, can be raised

The basin Yu-ching for the first offenses can be painted in patterns decorating the walls, made by craftsmen vividly the "Qiaodiao" can be designed as accessories,

String decoration, you can shop in the courtyard of the health care products for foot massage can be loaded with the Nanjing Jin He, as the precious gift of local characteristics.
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