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Nanjing Yangyang pebble plant   Date:2011-9-11  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:3554 times
Lengthy cobblestone factory is located in Nanjing, the hometown of stone beams town, Luhe District, with its own mine exploitation, stone rich in resources. Beam region is the country's total production and sales account for about 80% of sales, is known stone origin at home and abroad, but also the best hidden areas of domestic stone.

Is a kind of natural agate stone, also known as ornamental stones, lucky stones, known as a heaven-sent national treasure, the Chinese a must. Mainly in Luhe District, Nanjing City, the magic stone that people admire and collectors have been for thousands of history, home and abroad, many people see it as a symbol of good luck and friendship.

Nanjing Yangyang stone pebbles plant sold to all 10 provinces, municipalities and regions, the products exported to Japan, Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other regions deeply favor home and abroad.
Nanjing lengthy cobblestone plant production and operation of a variety of specifications stone, washed stone, multicolored stones, pebbles, stone, and quartz sand filter material. Products that are high profile boxed gift Yuhua agate stone, all kinds of flower color stone, color stone, stone balls, one of the treasure known as "living stones", a very high appreciation value.
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