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Nanjing Luhe yuhua stone   Date:2011-9-26  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:8798 times

nanjing luhe yuhua stone

Nanjing Luhe stone manufacturer production base in Nanjing, Nanjing Luhe Luhe stone stone polishing stone export company factory in Nanjing Luhe

Luhe ocean stone factory is located in the hometown of Chinese stone - stone town, Luhe District, beam village, located in the enchanting scenery, rich in agate stone square foot of the mountain.

Luhe ocean stone factory is a franchise of stone products integrated plant management projects are:
Stone garden paving; stone to stone warm beans; stone treatment of the filter stone; carpet stone massage; stone crafts; stone Meshwork stone wall.

We are at the northern gate of Nanjing, is Luhe. Ning, Ninglian Road Interchange, the Yangtze River empties into the Yangtze tributary Chuhe result, only the adjacent cargo terminal manufacturers, transportation is very convenient. My area is located in the Yangtze River, due to changes in the crust, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River gravel stream (including containing various minerals, weathered stone, stone gravel) transported from scouring roll, integrated into large and small hills, bears a large number of yellow sand, stone and other mineral deposits.

We selected one hundred meters deep sand-quality, fine grading process to filter all kinds of stone, pebbles, and its resistance to abrasion, pressure to engage in strong, corrosion and physical and chemical nature, are determined by the Provincial Geological Institute have reached the standards designated by the State . Products for the water plant, ordinary water, pollution, water treatment plants filter other items of practical projects, but also for the garden, building materials, precision casting shape, abrasive, polishing, ceramics, high-voltage porcelain, paper, silicon, chemical, defense industry and other industries to provide high-quality raw materials shop.

"Ogawa Yun infuriating, its surface Ka Ling" Here the production of stone, multicolored stones, pebbles, sand and various colors of agate stone, texture, pure, colorful, called "China is a must," world-famous home and abroad.

Luhe ocean stone factory in order to adapt to the trend of the times, constantly improve the product line, met with many foreign trade, tourism supplies company has extensive contacts and cooperation with Taiwan, Hong Kong, some customers in Europe to maintain close cooperation.

Luhe ocean stone factory's mission is to provide the lowest price, highest quality products. Particularly in customer service, truly everything the customer needs first, to protect customers and each investment in the industry and customers have a good reputation. Customer is God, but also a partner, we do a lot of work to satisfy them. We offer bulk orders for industry, logistics and distribution services; while for the majority of companies provide general marketing services.

Stone is a natural agate stone, also known as ornamental stones, lucky stones, known as the heaven-sent treasure, China is a must, mainly in Luhe District area. Magic stone been appreciation and collection, with more than thousand years of history, many people put it at home and abroad as a symbol of good luck and friendship. Luhe ocean pebble plant is hereby established a network of this website is to put ocean a stone were lucky and friendship around the globe every corner of the unremitting efforts.

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