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Process to warm the pebble   Date:2012-10-25  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:9214 times

Process to warm the pebble

To warm the process - ocean pebbles plant in Nanjing to provide reference information:

Preparing for installation - preparation - Shop waterproof membrane - polystyrene board shop - shop steel mesh - Fixed steel mesh - row of pipes - pressure test - pound concrete - Install distributor - debug.

① install prepare: familiar with the drawings and on-site environment.
② According to the drawings, preparation of materials, including auxiliary.
③ shop waterproof membrane.
④ insulation board to lay flat, neatly cut, with seams to be closely interconnected.
⑤ steel mesh should be neatly arranged, the connection to use wire lashing, and fixed on the ground with a nail.
⑥ discharge pipe shall not be twisted and folded pipe and fixed to the wire with a special tie-line.
⑦ pressure test, minimum test pressure of not lower than 0.6Mpa, generally rose to 0.8-1Mpa, then regulator, the regulator for 30 minutes. Drop no more than 0.05Mpa,

Pressure test shall pass.
⑧ pressure filling with concrete.
⑨ water separator installed to be smooth. Exhaust valve to above the ground.
⑩ integrated debugging.


Construction-site installation accessories Manifold foil
Method of laying floor heating

Recessed screw-type embedded Cato cards

Construction based on
Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and other provinces and cities have enacted low-temperature hot water radiant floor heating technical regulations.

Construction should have the conditions - ocean pebbles plant in Nanjing to provide reference information
1, the design drawings and other technical documents are complete, and has joint trial.
2, the approved construction plan or construction design, have conducted technical exchanges.
3, with the construction of qualified construction strength and authority, to ensure the quantitative construction.
4, construction of water, electricity, materials store site temporary facilities.
5, the construction site: the wall is plaster, leveling the ground floor has been done.
6, according to design requirements for pipes, fittings, auxiliary materials inspection, to meet the requirements.

Work procedures and technical requirements - ocean pebbles plant in Nanjing to provide reference information
1, the screed has been done on the ground laying insulation materials, should be laid flat, overlap closely. In addition to the fixed heating tube through the plastic fasteners, shall have other corrupted.
2, the laying of polyester film or aluminum foil reflector folder (or on-site system may be laid).
3, supporting and heating pipe laying:
Actinomycetes according to design drawings (such as reflective film printed wire, this can be free), and piping (such as fixed-length have been designed for the loan, this can be free).
Heating pipe bending radius of not less than 8 times the pipe diameter.
Joints are not allowed inside the packed bed, heating pipe mounting (three ways).
Fixed point of space heating pipe, straight pipe to take ≯ 700mm, bent pipe to take ≯ 350mm, 180 ℃ in the corner, there should be five fixed clamp.
4, the heat medium with a unit set (Manifold) installation:
Can be fixed to a wall or a dedicated box, generally should be installed in the next watershed, the catchment in the upper and spacing appropriate for the 200mm, the catchment from the ground not less than 500mm.
5, the heating device is connected with a pipe and set:
Clamp-type connection can be dedicated, but also can be used to connect-card sets.
The end of the heating pipe, insulated pipe should be set to prevent the local ground temperature is too high.
6, heating pipes and a solid set with a series of devices, the response to each channel one by one to wash, to clean up the water.
7, filled with layers of construction units for the construction filling of the system must be pressure, pressure ≮ 0.6MPa. Note expansion joint construction, the heating pipe extrusion, gravel concrete pouring, etc.

Acceptance - ocean pebbles plant in Nanjing to provide reference information
Acceptance into dumb acceptance and acceptance was completed:
Acceptance by the construction unit in conjunction with the middle of construction engineering supervision unit to unit.
Acceptance was completed by the unit in charge of construction, design, supervision, construction and relevant units jointly.

1, intermediate acceptance - ocean pebbles plant in Nanjing to provide reference information:
Intermediate inspection process and heat from the heating pipe laying set with the pressure measurement device installed until the concrete curing period, and so once again fill the layer until the pressure test.
A, self-pressure test: heat pipe and set with the device construction is completed, the pressure should be required (generally based on 0.8MPa) the first self-test once.
B, intermediate acceptance pressure test:
Difficult to test the system static pressure should be not less than 0.3MPa, and not less than 0.6MPa, should be strictly carried out according to the pressure test operating procedures.
Do a good job testing.
C, winter into the water pressure test, measures should be taken to reliable freezing, or by the construction unit, supervision part of the agreed air pressure test.

2, the final acceptance:
A, should have the conditions: construction drawings, as built drawings and design changes to the document; main materials, products, factory certificate (or test records); intermediate inspection records; Quality Inspection

Assessment records.
B, through the completion and acceptance in the warm for 24 hours, stop heating for 24 hours, then warm through the 24 hours after.
Warming should be slow through the first heat, first in hot water temperature control range of 25 ℃ -30 ℃ for 24 hours, then every 24 hours after the temperature 5 ℃, until it reaches the design temperature.

3, intermediate, and final acceptance inspection, shall make a record, signing documents and filing archive.

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