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Who stole the cobblestone road park   Date:2011-9-6  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:5611 times
Who stole the cobblestone road park

The day before yesterday, Miss Shi call people to reflect, the government in the urban park pavilion next to a storm cobblestone road, every morning and evening there are always many people walking in the above fitness. But do not know when to begin, the dolphin was above the pebbles excavated, is now a large disappeared.

This morning, the reporter went to the Simon House Park Pavilion near the wind and rain, I saw a pavilion in front of nearly one hundred meters long cobblestone road, colorful, very beautiful at first glance, but closer, reporters found that the storm Pavilion East side of the cobblestone road, bits and pieces missing twenty pieces pebbles. The west pavilion in the rain, the situation is more serious, large pebbles away, forming a small hole, missing foot piece of the largest ten big hand.

Is a rest pavilion storm uncle, told reporters this cobblestone road is the only way up the mountain from Simon, a lot of people walk up and down every day. A few days ago, a 70-year-old woman who side with the greeting, while moving forward, the results do not accidentally step on a pebble into the hole missing almost fell, but fortunately it was next to a handful of help. "There are many elderly people to the mountain morning exercise, if the time from here through the fall, fell to the cobblestones, certainly badly beaten." Uncle, not without fear, told reporters.

Morning in the mountains a lot of people said that these pebbles may have been missing some of the petty people, while managers do not pay attention when, lured away to take home to go into the tank, or for other purposes. They suggested that management should be patched as soon as possible, to strengthen management.

Reporters then went to House Mountain Park Management Office, Administration office, a staff member is also well down grievances. He said the government the larger park, up the mountain every day, many people play, often there will be some low-quality public destruction of mountain tables and chairs, roads and other public facilities. For Miss Shi reflect the situation, they understand. They will be posted in the cobblestone road in the vicinity of some warning signs to alert visitors to pay attention to safety in the past, but also to warn those who steal pebbles digging tourists pay attention to their behavior.

As for the repair issues, the staff said they would arrive at the scene circumstances, and reflect the problem upwards, to make repair arrangements unified Procurement pebbles.
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