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Walk pebbles fitness, not everyone is suitable for   Date:2011-9-19  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:5760 times

In our district, there are several paved with cobblestones, morning, evening, many people walk barefoot on pebbles fitness, so the goose egg Road by residents as "fitness Road", which lead to residents' fitness hot pebble "

Pebbles is the application of the principle of fitness foot reflexology, the human body internal organs connected overlooking half of the twelve meridians starting and ending at the foot, the foot is such a local, human heart, liver, lung, kidney and other organs are dozens of In a specific plantar reflex, conduction through the meridians in order to coordinate the function of organs, promote blood flow. In fitness walking, etc. So in these reflex massage, and massage the body's own weight is the pressure, long-term adherence will be able to awaken human potential, enhance physical fitness.

However, in the pebbles on fitness, not suitable for everyone, not everyone Safe walking cobblestone fitness. There are foot injuries (including joint pain, strain, sprain, etc.), inflammation (including long bone spurs and the fat pad, etc.) has not yet healed people, not to take the cobblestone fitness; occurred calcaneal pain, tenosynovitis, and cysts toes , toe fracture even have to wear padded walking shoes to reduce friction enough patients, but not to take the pebble, or may increase the foot injury.

"Arthritis is not age-related disease that can affect people of all ages, including children." Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical Director Yan Shigui, director of orthopedic physician, said. Hangzhou West Lake surrounded by mountains, the mountain is not high, Hangzhou, like mountain climbing exercise in the elderly. "Climbing to improve people's lung capacity, exercise is also moderate, but obesity and arthritis patients, climbing fitness is not a good way, because too much weight on the joints." According to reports, at present, 10 people in China 1 in arthritis patients. Experts believe that osteoarthritis may occur in older people in each one, but sooner or later the severity. Joint disease and a young man has a lot to conserve it properly. Everyone around the age of twenty twenty-three, decreased growth hormone secretion,Human organs together into the maintenance phase, and slow to aging, but also because of articular cartilage metabolism, wear, aging and other reasons, missing the beginning than to add, resulting in regression of change, so when we face the risk of osteoarthritis occur when experts suggest the best way is to choose a small impact on the soft joint movement such as walking, jogging, swimming, tai chi, etc.

Meanwhile, the long-term inevitably exposed stone stained with dust and a variety of bacteria, foot trauma of the people to avoid walking barefoot to prevent bacteria from entering the wound, causing infection; on foot has been infected, like athlete's foot itself will lead to some skin damage, if walking barefoot on the stone, is likely to be infected with other bacteria, causing a number of secondary infections. It is noteworthy that even patients who did not feet, should be completed immediately after the feet, to prevent bacteria infection.

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