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What can keep the history of the age, Kim is too thin, too rotten wood, the only stone building of the race for the millennium! ~   Date:2011-9-14  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:5584 times
What can keep the history of the age, Kim is too thin, too rotten wood, the only stone building of the race for the millennium! ~ "We dug treasure here, and there are a lot of stone bases, stone railings, and yellow glazed tiles, Come." Yesterday, who lives near the West Gate of Nanjing Liu call Express, said her neighborhood recently dug a great site, full of bricks laying out the "floor," brick "floor" next to the wide cobblestone road, I feel particularly magical. Ming Palace in Nanjing, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty palace built by the emperor, but also the blueprint for Imperial Palace in Beijing. Unfortunately, now that the Palace, "palace ten thousand have done a land." From the 1990s, the Ming Palace palace ruins on the site after another was found, then the discovery of what is it? The public got wind to pick up "blue and white", "pebbles" Ms Lau said the site, in the West Gate site east of the park, less than 100 meters away from the park straight away. In a red office building on the east side, a space especially conspicuous. Archaeologists this piece hundreds of square meters of space divided into three pit. Two of the archaeological exploration party is over, ditch the plot a lot of water. Archaeologists excavated soil piled on the exploration side of the periphery, a large high uplift. Uplift of the waste in the soil, it is easy to find a lot of yellow glass components, however, are fragmented. Appears to be the ancient use of the tile, as well as some components on the roof. In the pit perimeter, the reporter saw a "small pit," which is not dry archaeologists, but to pick up treasure dug their own people. Scene, two men on the archaeological site next to the cruise, they stared at the ground, squat down to pick and choose from time to time, occasionally they also shared communication. One of them pinched up a few hands of small tiles, too broken, decoration did not come out to identify the other people seem to find a large circle are empty-handed. Looking for 10 minutes, crumbled tiles that were hand again in the hands of the men threw the whole thing. "Looks blue and white, do not know which dynasty, most likely broken bowl like the modern." Ming bricks "floor" under the puzzle in the modern foundations of one pit people feel surprised . Strictly speaking, this pit is very three-dimensional, divided into several parts. Most above, is a modern paved floor, and the red brick walls and assembled the base, cement board; modern foundations, the 600-year-old is out of bricks, these bricks neatly and assembled with that, you can also see to white lime. The pit of bricks and assembled by the show some "L" shape. Liu said that not long ago, she also saw a lot of stone excavated here looking columns, stone railings, stone column bases ... ... do not know in ancient times, here is where the Ming Palace. To say that the palace is a temple, it seems too small a point, is not the case, so many bricks and assembled up to? Why can confirm this is paving bricks out of it? Liu refers to the one of the few brick, brick inscriptions on the side. Paving bricks in that the "floor" around, there are two large square stone in the soil. Next to the brick base is not part of the soil put a lot of pebbles, cobblestone road feel and modern, like, and the pebbled surface is very wide, there are several meters. Conjecture 1 is that the palace of a temple? This will not be a Ming Dynasty palace Palace? Or the ladies to rest? Because the archaeological site west of 100 meters away is the West Gate site. If it is a temple, the house will be what is it? A Fair experts say, is bounded to the present Zhongshan East Road, the north has a Wenhua Dian, Orient House was the Prince, "shall serve" place, with Wenhua Dian corresponds to the "Wu Yingdian" in the early Ming Wu Yingdian the emperor vegetarian home, summoned the Minister of place. Wu Yingdian from the West Gate close close. It would not be Wu Yingdian? The Fair, experts say, the small size of the scene, should not be Wu Yingdian, may simply not a temple. 2 Palace Avenue will be next? Museum exhibition hall in Nanjing, there is a very large palace road, 20 meters wide, well above the printed track. However, it is the Six Dynasties Palace Avenue, rather than the Ming Dynasty. Then, the edge of the ground brick, cobblestone road that row there may Palace Road? Ming Palace Avenue, how wide? Coach how to go? An archaeological expert and smiled, "that only a thin layer of pebbles, certainly not the Palace Avenue." 3 and the West Gate will not be relevant? West Gate Ruins Park not far away, this site will not and West Gate on it? An archaeological excavation at the site hosted the experts said, the site although the area is small, it is a very important archaeological find, "it certainly is part of the Ming Palace, but what is the position we are in confirmation. Perhaps West Gate as part of the wall, when the Ming Dynasty, on the South West Gate Road and North Road have, perhaps, this is the wall of the South West Gate Road. "The archaeologists say that brick" floor "is actually is the foundation, and this ground had never been found. He said they had done that Mukden Palace, canopy, like body three Hall of archaeological excavations. The strange thing is, where the foundation, and "hall" is completely different, all bricks and assembled, and very regular. "This foundation is very thick very thick, not yet bottomed out." Experts say, the site of what remains, he is still doing further research, may be opened 600 years ago that the museum’s some secret.
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