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Six DC to stimulate your health insurance   Date:2012-10-25  Fong-Size:【B C S】   Hits:6794 times

Six DC to stimulate your health insurance 

   Medical studies have shown that the human body has six "zones", that is, back, chest, spine, navel, armpits and feet. Six of the human body which are often "special zone" to stimulate, can effectively control the disease, fitness and strength, longevity.

First, the back of the health SAR

Chinese health experts point out that the center of the back of the spine through the body Du land. Bladder meridian sun on both sides of the spine and internal organs are very closely linked, often to stimulate the clear, beneficial breath movement, blood circulation, nourish the body organs . Modern Medicine found that subcutaneous body also bears a large number of immune cells, such as a cold or heat stroke. "Cabei" and "scraping" and other immune cells that activate the back of a good way.

Second, the chest of health SAR

The scientists found that the thymus is the master of the chest the whole body's vital organs of the immune system, thymus immune peptides secreted substances that can monitor cells in vivo mutation and mercilessly destroy it, so there is a strong anti- cancer effect. Meanwhile, another anti-inflammatory function and disease resistance, there is a certain anti-aging effect. As long as every day under the hand rubbing chest pocket (on the chest from the neck down to the Ministry) 100-200, can stimulate the chest neck, play a disease prevention and fitness, illnesses and prolong the effect.

Third, spine health SAR

New yeast study, were old before the first is the old spine. Two straight spine is the body's meridians passing through the land in Du, regular massage the spine, can promote the dredge meridians. Nourish the body organs and fitness. A Japanese magazine, exercise the spine can prevent 100 diseases. Spine is the body's central axis. Tai Chi can often do as rotation, will have a strong biological energy, to transport organs and body, to replenish their energy, but also makes the virus attacks the immune system strong, even for cerebrovascular accident, dementia, stroke paralysis , neurosis, diabetes, also have preventive effects.

Fourth, the umbilical health SAR

Navel and well known homes, the storage place is infuriating, is health care scientists as "fortress." Navel Shenque consolidate with vigor, sedative-centering, qi and blood, liver and gallbladder, Yifei Gu Shen, Tom Lee triple burner, adjusting the role of the meridian. Sticking drugs commonly used traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture, navel hot iron treatment, such as the use of pearl powder, red sage powder transfer deposited in the hole, can cure insomnia; with villosum, citrus aurantium apply it, to cure indigestion; with sandalwood, Asarum The pink cocktail dressing, can relieve angina. Regular massage navel, there are the role of prevention and treatment of stroke, can be healthy and fit and prolong life.

Fifth, health SAR axillary

Axillary is vascular, lymphatic, nerve up to the richest place. It's fitness secret place, is that by the stimulation will make people laugh, which is considered by experts as "armpit movement." Here to stimulate nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes, enabling the organs have been campaigns to promote blood circulation, and to have full access to the organ exchange of nutrients and oxygen, the brain, heart and lungs all benefit.

Six foot health SAR

A lot of people's feet point, about 70, starting and ending at 6 feet meridian. Scientists also believe that there are thousands of people's feet nerves did not shoot, close contact with the brain and heart, are associated with the ministries of human organs, so the people will foot called the "second heart", see foot care important. Often curved toes, often walking, step pebbles, hot feet, etc., are to promote foot blood flow, the distal blood into the heart and the body, regulating yin and yang balance of disease prevention, fitness longevity effect. In addition to regular exercise, keeping feet blood flow, joint flexibility, but also pay attention to not chilled in winter, summer, do not clutching, feet, gave birth to "corn", "mat", etc., are also quite a lot, must be promptly removed.

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