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No. :03-004
    Size :2-4 4-6 5-8 8-12 12-20 cm
    95% of the surface roughness, compressive strength over the 600 Kg/M2.
    Pebbles are widely used in power transformers, water filter cushion, public buildings, villas, garden, garden shop road
    Set, river embankment, bottom of the lake, chemical plants, sewage plants, steel mills, water works and other projects, is an excellent material of choice.
    Pebbles, is a natural stone. After the impact of flash floods, water transport during continuous extrusion,
friction, play fill of waves Debris of the movement to form a specification of different sizes and shapes,
irregular stones of different colors. Shaped like a goose, pounding sound Very brittle, the main chemical
composition is silicon dioxide, looks pretty smooth, beautiful color, smooth surface, wear-resistant high,
hard texture, Easily damaged. Mainly used in power plant (transformer special pebbles, used oil filters),
pebble filter pads, garden etc. paved road. Different specifications in size, color for choice, natural
pebbles, good quality, credible, well and outside of customers.

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