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      No. 01-008
      Specification :2-4 4-6 cm

      Surface treatment are: natural gloss, matt, wax light
      Packaging: net bag, plastic bag, paper bag, PVC transparent plastic bottle, PE transparent boxes and other kinds of export packaging, can be produced upon request.
      Exports to the United States, Britain, France, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Japan, Korea and other countries.
      Our factory has export experience, the most emphasis on the credibility and quality, pay attention to efficiency, is foreign, foreign trade companies, the best partner, Welcome!
      Natural colored stone, also known as decoration stone, colorful, oddly shaped, reminiscent of rural streams, yet also seemed to walk at the beach.
      Colored stones are widely used in hotels, shade square, fountain pond, garden houses, tree-lined trails, fitness sauna pool of decoration, at home and abroad have
      Become a must-stone garden construction. Health foot massage also has a role as a green environmentally friendly products by customers, the public exercise of fashion.

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