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The formation and application of pebbles

            Pebbles, is a natural stone. Production base in Nanjing Yangyang pebbles, mountains and rivers in the west of highway. Full use of local natural conditions, and after tens of thousands of years of natural generation, flash floods impact the movement of water removal, in this constantly being squeezed over in the collision friction, and the rain water flushing, handling, forming different size specifications and shapes, irregular stones of different colors. Nanjing ocean pebble pebbles plant production and sales of products fully comply with national industry standards, the market has been welcomed by domestic and foreign customers, the sales of pebbles and stone, garden stone, filter stone, quartz sand, colored stone, stone washed and so on, are sold in all provinces outside of the garden, construction, waterworks, power plants and other large industrial users, a green product by customers, the public exercise of fashion.

           Its beautiful color, smooth surface, wear-resistant high, hard texture, not easy to destroy a high-end garden, garden villas, pavilions decorated with excellent wall surface material. Many large companies have been decorated, water treatment plants, power companies, foreign trade companies, landscaping companies to choose from, the landscape of choice for road laying cobblestone.

            Natural colored stone, also known decoration stone, colorful, oddly shaped, reminiscent of rural streams, yet also seemed to walk at the beach. Widely used in hotel, shade square, fountain pond, garden house, shaded trails, fitness sauna pool of decoration. Health foot massage also has a role in the construction industry at home and abroad has become a must-stone garden.


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