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    Nanjing, yang yang Pebble factory is located in Luhe District, Nanjing origin, Transportation is very convenient product. Production of pebbles, garden stone, filter stone, multicolored stones, quartz sand,  rain flower pebble and Crafts, Nanjing and so on, are sold to domestic garden, construction, waterworks, power plants and many other industrial users to become customers welcome the green environmental protection product , the public exercise of fashion products.


      Nanjing, yang yang Pebble factoryis a professional mining extraction, processing stone - pebbles - Agate Stone - Garden Stone - Colored Stone, quartz sand of the businesses, products, black, white, yellow, red, green and other colors and styles. We also produce all kinds of stone ashtray, stone necklaces, bracelets, stone paperweight, natural multicolored pebbles, crafts, gifts and so on.

      Nanjing, yang yang Pebble factoryproduction pebble filter, colorful stone, garden stone, gravel, quartz sand and so on, use the deep clean mountain, no impurities, environmentally-friendly pure high-quality materials. After lengthy cobblestone cities of Nanjing and the health and epidemic prevention departments quality control testing are consistent with the national standard for water purification, sewage treatment, electricity, garden Dengxiang project provides a high-quality materials. For ceramics, precision casting, papermaking, abrasion, chemical, monocrystalline silicon, and national defense to provide raw and auxiliary materials. Since the market has been well received by thousands of domestic gardens, water supply, power companies use, but also for a number of building units provide design, planning, construction works. Stone in international trade and are exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia more than 20 countries and regions. Our quality of life, welcome the world's customers purchase our products, you will be most satisfied with the service and the most satisfactory products.

Nanjing, yang yang Pebble factory dedicated to rational exploitation of resources, but also in new product development, processing, have specialized in, so that our products always in the same industry stand undefeated and salable in the market, we strive to become the Nanjing, the largest pebbles, stone, base, warmly welcome all friends to come to guide cooperation and constructive suggestions, and common development!


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